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Amelia is me, but my name isn’t Amelia, it’s Mattie. My love for the name started years ago and it stuck. I knew I wanted Amelia to be a part of my life but I just didn’t know at what capacity that was. Then I started a flower truck and it fit perfectly. I always knew that I wanted to open a business that reminded me of my travels and out of that, Amelia’s Flower Truck was born. Something I have always loved about traveling to big cities like New York, London, Paris and Milan is the accessibility of Flowers. Buying flowers in these cities is as easy as walking home from work, and I’ve admired and envied that aspect of being there. Now, in our second season, the Amelia family has grown to three. Amelia’s Flower Trucks park in your neighborhoods and makes buying flowers beautiful, enjoyable and dare I say, easy. Stop by one of our unique vintage trucks that embody Amelia, Rory and Melody and buy extraordinary flowers that I know will brighten your day.

xx Mattie

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